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CC Consulting firm members (l-r) Jake Franovich, Jasmine Flowers, and Mohammed Alsulaiman discussing a PowerPoint presentation

Purdue shows learning through experience is the best lesson

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Student led communication consulting firm searches for a client

Over the last decade, learning through experience has become a graduation requirement at Purdue University Northwest.

In the field of public relations, PNW’s Problems in Public Relations class has helped local businesses improve their communications culture.

Today, Purdue students working towards a degree in public relations are challenged to create a non-profit consulting firm that mirrors the work of a corporate communications team, and then offer it in real world situations. Cybernetic Communication Consulting is this year’s consulting firm from the public relations class looking for a client.

The firm will prepare a communications audit for a local business during their fall semester.

Alisa Murchek, vice president of patient services and chief nursing officer at Franciscan Health, hired one of PNW’s affiliated communication consulting firms last year to analyze the communications culture at the health care company. “Any hospital or entity who wishes to improve their customer experience or employee engagement would benefit with this consultation,” said Murchek.

Purdue’s team created benchmark reports of best practices; conducted interviews, surveys, and focus groups to collect and analyze data.

“They were professional, well-organized and their research was amazing,” said Murchek. “In the end, our data resulted in a 695-page book which has been invaluable. The way they have the book set up allows you to find just what you need as you need it.”

In 2017, the Purdue team performed a communications audit for the Griffith Police Department.

Having worked with a pioneering corporate team, Dr. Thomas J. Roach, chairman of the Communication and Creative Arts Department at PNW, launched the program as an experiment to see if corporate culture could be repeated in a microcosm.

“I knew what [the experiment] would do, if I could just get it started,” Dr. Roach said.

The program, a smaller-scaled version of a corporate culture, exceeded his expectations.

“The class is an experiment that proves correct every time,” said Roach. “Culture is communication. The theory of two-way communication and ongoing adjustment can be programmed into a business culture, resulting in an adaptive and increasingly more productive environment.”

For more information about the services provided by Cybernetic Communication Consulting, contact the organization at 219-501-0632 or email

Cybernetic Communication Consulting board members are searching for a client

Story Posted:09/14/2019

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