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Gary considering bid from tech firm for Ivanhoe Gardens property

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Redevelopment Commission talking with Akyumen, maker of cell phones and tablets

The possible sale of the former Ivanhoe Gardens Housing Development site is being considered by the Gary Redevelopment Commission.

AJ Bytnar, executive director of Redevelopment, said at Wednesday's commission meeting a bid was received from Akyumen Industries, a manufacturer of smart phones, tablets, and watches.

Akyumen Indusries proposes to move its headquarters to Gary, develop a factory to manufacture and assemble all products in Gary, and develop its divisions of Akyumen Motors, Akyumen Data Center, and Akyumen Television Studios. Salaries will range between $30,000 and $300,000 annually for an estimated work force of 525-plus employees.

The company makes cell phones and tablets with a built-in projector that can show a video on a wall, screen or most any surface where the phone is pointed. The projector can manipulate the image to sizes much larger than the cell phone and tablet screens.

Aasim Saied, CEO of Akyumen, told the commission the company currently has a movie and music facility in Burbank, CA.

"We still have to negotiate the final property sale price, the overall development, and incentives," Bytnar said.

Story Posted:08/06/2020

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