Workmen on Memorial Auditorium

Salvage of Memorial Auditorium begins

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Ornamental stone work is being removed and stored

Salvaging of ornamental pieces on Gary's Memorial Auditorium has started. The auditorium section of the building was damaged in a fire in 1997. That section was finally razed in 2018.

The entrance or vestibule section was left standing to collect some of the stone memorabilia.

The building's stone lettering and emblems are being removed and stored. AJ Bytnar, Director of Redevelopment, said the ornaments will be incorporated into the Ruins Garden planned for the old City Church at 5th and Washington and in other sites as the city rebuilds.

Bytnar said demolition of the remains will start after salvaging is complete.

Broadway Lofts, a 38-unit housing complex will be built on the site.

Story Posted:08/10/2020

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