The instructor uses light board technology to discuss geological surfaces with the class

IU Northwest unveils new Academic Media Production Space

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A place to re-energize teaching and learning in the classroom and online

Indiana University Northwest Chancellor Ken Iwama described the new Academic Media Production Space as putting skin in the game at last week’s ribbon cutting ceremony. Iwama said, “Resources the university has committed to the AMP Space will help faculty use cutting-edge technology to enhance teaching and learning, face-to-face and online.”

The ceremony itself was virtual, bringing in participants from downstate campuses, showing how technology is being applied in education and what the AMP space can help provide.

AMP’s media production tools lets teachers explore innovations in instruction that can help their students learn course materials, ultimately leading to greater student success.

“AMP will enable our faculty to share their knowledge and work with students in ways that will be more engaging, to help them learn their course materials and enjoy learning,” said Chris Foley, Associate Vice President for University Academic Affairs and Director, Office of Online Education.

Located in the Center for Innovation and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (CISTL), faculty are shown how to create instructional and interactive videos, and how to use technology to collaborate for performances and presentations.

In one instructional video example, a teacher uses light board technology to discuss geological surfaces with the class. Students see the instructor facing forward, the writings on the light board and hear the explanation instead of the usual classroom stance of the instructor facing a black or white board while writing and explaining.

In another example, picture-in-picture technology shows a technician using an ultrasound scanner and at the same time in a smaller inset picture, shows the image the scanner detects.

Chris Young, CISTL director said, “The AMP space will re-imagine how we teach and re-energize teaching and learning.”

Story Posted:01/21/2021

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