New at Ben & Jerry's, vegan ice cream

New Finds: Check out Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream …

Contributed By:Lisa Luckett

It is time once again for “New Finds.” Do you love new flavors? I love them as well. Check out some of the new flavors that I’m going to introduce to you. ENJOY!

M&M’s has an abundance of new flavors: Hot Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Orange, Limited Edition Coconut, Honey Nut, Red Velvet and Strawberry Shortcake. While I’m not a candy lover I will try the Red Velvet and the Strawberry Shortcake. Also, you can purchase Coffee Nut and Chili Nut M&M’s at your nearest Meijer grocery store.

Oreo’s also has new flavors. Not only new flavors but scrumptious flavors, mouthwatering flavors. You might want to try the Limited Edition Oreo’s before they’re gone as well as Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Creamsicle and DQ Blizzard. Other flavors include Fudge Sundae, Toasted Coconut, Banana Split, Birthday Cake, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Wow! Banana Split and Fudge Sundae, awesome.

Do you like Hudsonville ice cream? I do too. Their newest flavors are jaw dropping. Who knew ice cream could taste so good! First up is Chicago Caramel Popcorn ice cream. Oh my goodness. This Limited Edition ice cream is inspired by Chicago’s delicious kettle popped goodness. You will love the big city taste of this buttery caramel ice cream and crunchy clusters swirled with a salty, caramel ribbon.

Also Limited Edition is the Chocolate Dream Cookies ‘n Cream. It’s time for a late night snack and there’s nothing better than sneaking into your kitchen for a scoop of Chocolate Dream Cookies n’ Cream, a chocolaty twist on a classic favorite.

Last but not least, Cider Mill Donut flavored ice cream. All of the flavors of your local cider mill delivered in one delicious scoop. Spiced apples are added to the apple cider flavored ice cream, then pieces of real donut are added. How about that!

Speaking of ice cream, did you know that Ben & Jerry’s has vegan ice cream? Well, they do. Kirsten Schimoler, Ben & Jerry’s principal food scientist who invented the flavors, told the Huffington Post that the new line was partially made as a response to a petition asking for Ben & Jerry’s to make vegan flavors that got more than 28,000 signatures.

Schimoler said it took a few years to develop the right balance of ingredients (because there wasn’t a pre-existing process, she and her team had to come up with one) to make a creamy, dairy-free mix that had the same mouthfeel and texture as ice cream. As a result, Ben & Jerry’s is even making its own almond milk for the base.

The flavors: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey Coffee Caramel Fudge and P.B. & Cookies, tastes as rich as their creamy cousins, except without the eggs and milk. Instead, each gets its decadence from almond milk and coconut oil. May you enjoy all of these goodies!

Story Posted:04/01/2016

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