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Chef Raz (red coat) samples a dish prepared by his students

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Eight sessions on ingredients cooks regularly use in recipes

Done with sugar and salt, Chef Raz explored the flavors of peppercorns at Wednesday night’s Flavor! session at the ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen in Gary. Peppercorns were the third installment of essential ingredients cooks regularly use in recipes with 5 more to come in November.

The session was divided in two portions. First came the talk, about peppercorns from all over the world, how they’re grown, their flavors and how to use.

In China’s Sichuan province, Chef Raz said, whole or near-whole peppercorns thickly dot prepared dishes. A crunch of the berry numbs the tongue and lets the diner enjoy even hotter and spicier flavors.

Participants sampled “Peppercorn Pork,” a dish Chef Raz found on the menu of Asparagus, Merrillville’s popular restaurant. They analyzed the flavors they recognized: hot, spicy, sweet, pungent, salty, and aroma.

Next, the class was divided into teams to take what they learned into the kitchen for the workshop portion to prepare a dish similar to the one sampled.

The November sessions will follow the same format. Flavor! events are free and open to the public.

Flavor! of OILS: Wednesday, November 1
The Talk: Olive Oil. Peanut Oil. Soybean Oil. Canola Oil. Sunflower Oil. Sesame Oil. Coconut Oil. Palm Oil.
Workshop: A closer look at taste with Tagliatelle. This is a type of pasta shaped into long, thin, flat strips.

Flavor! of HERBS: Wednesday, November 8
The Talk: Fresh Herbs. Dried Herbs.
Workshop: A closer look at taste with Jerk Chicken

Flavor! of SPICES: Wednesday, November 15
The Talk: Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace, Cardamom, Ginger, Allspice
Workshop: A closer look at taste with Apple Pie

Flavor! of GARLIC: Wednesday, November 22
The Talk: Fresh garlic. Roasted garlic. Dry garlic.
Workshop: A closer look at taste with Garlic Bread

Flavor! of BONES: Wednesday, November 29
The Talk: Chicken backs. Pork neck bones. Fresh beef soup bones.

All session times are 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Participants must be 21; RSVP strongly encouraged.

Contact ArtHouse for more information at or call 219 979-8156.

Chef Raz and students in peppercorn class

Story Posted:10/26/2017

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