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Jerk Chicken Wings at Boss Hogs

Check This Out: Boss Hogs

Contributed By:Lisa Luckett

Well, I just added the ATL to my “Things To Do” list. My classmates want to hang out again. The way I see it, since July is my birthday month, I’ll celebrate my birthday at the Sabre Room, the Red Ribbon Lounge and the finale will be in Atlanta. I can’t wait. For you that will be traveling soon, Southwest Airlines has a sale until March 3.

Did you attend the casting call for The Price Is Right game show? I didn’t either. First of all I stayed out too late Saturday night, my hair was jacked up and I missed church. I neeeeeed to go back to church before I turn into a heathen.

From what I’m hearing, the wait in line was three hours long. I don’t do lines. Also, the audition was a supply drive for the Gary homeless shelter Sojourner Truth House. The drive resulted in 10 bins of lotion, shampoo, deodorant and other necessities. Even if you did not attend the casting call, you can still make a trip to Sojourner Truth House to drop off donations. I plan to do so myself.

Boss Hogs Bar-B-Que, “The Boss of Bar-B-Que,” is finally open for business! According to Reno and Michael, business is pretty darn good. They officially opened February 7th. Michael, who is the cook, lead operator and printer is a very friendly guy, very business-minded and down-to-earth.

He gave me a lot of history about the business present and past. Michael says they can accommodate anywhere from 100 to 10,000 people. Sometimes there are 10,000 people at an event such as the World’s Largest Family Day Steppers Picnic in Greenwood Forest Preserve. They will actually bring the pit to your outdoor gathering and will roast a whole pig for you as well. I like that idea. Something to think about for my party.

Reno, with his handsome self, is the other half of Boss Hogs. He is also the CEO of Reno G. Graphix. He is responsible for keeping us Steppers in the loop about the goings-on in the Stepping world in and around Chicagoland and as far as Tennessee, Atlanta, Pennsylvania and everywhere in between.

I think I’ll let him do the pluggers for my birthday party. He does magnificent work. Check him out on Facebook.

There are plans down the pipeline to do business in other areas. You know they’ve been around for a while. This is not their first venture. They’ve catered at the African Fest, Harold Washington College and some Steppers sets. They also had a location in Muncie, Indiana for a while until the wear and tear took a toll running back and forth. Since this column will be posted on the Boss Hog website as well, Boss Hogs will be catering at the 10th year Anniversary Black Tie Gala given by the Red Carpet Club at the Doubletree Hotel on March 19th and the Grand Ballroom for the Classy Steppers and Higher Level Steppers Affair on April 16th.

Some of the menu offerings include turkey tips, sliders, jerk chicken wings, hot links, pizza, catfish, rib tips and hamburgers. Side dishes include: garlic roasted potatoes, French fries, red beans and rice, and green beans. All meals are served with fresh cut French fries and a 12 oz. can of soda. You get a free pizza with any order over $20.00. How about that!

Shhhh! The chicken tenders are homemade, even the breading. They melt in your mouth. I know the secret but I can’t tell you. So, when you order your ribs, order some chicken tenders. You’ll be glad you did. They are not your traditional tenders. You’ll see. I’m going back to get some rib tips.

Get yourself over to Boss Hogs Bart-B-Que. Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

Check Out: Boss Hogs Bar-B-Que I-94 On The Ryan
325 West 47th St. (Corner of 47th& Shields)
Chicago, Illinois
(773) 609-HOGS (4647)

Story Posted:02/26/2016

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