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Homewood Chevy manager Darrick Harris, Rosie Colucci, Homewood Chevy owner Steve Phillipos, and Joanne Colucci

Chevrolet of Homewood cares for Rosie 'Rose' Colucci

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A young cancer fighter who helps others wins 2017 Sonic in car giveaway

At 12 years old, Rosie Colucci won the hearts of voters in this year’s Chevrolet of Homewood car giveaway. An essay explaining “how winning a new car would change your life” was the only requirement for entering the contest.

Andrea Malachowski, social media director at Homewood Chevy, said this year’s Homewood Chevy Cares voters came from around the world. “We were surprised with the impact of the contest. Rosie won with over 23,000 votes.”

This is the second year of Homewood Chevy’s car giveaway to a needy family.

“The car is for my mom to get to work and to get me to the hospital, sometimes in the middle of the night,” Rosie said in a video that described the family’s challenges with a car “that has 150,000 miles on it and half the time it doesn’t start.” Rosie suffers from neurofibromatosis, hydrocephalus, and has had 26 surgeries, 12 of those on her brain.

This is what one voter said: “I work at the YMCA and Rosie is one of my students in the after school program. Rosie has been fighting cancer since she was 3 and despite her struggles and endless pain, Rosie brings so much beauty and light to all she knows. She focuses on helping and giving to others. Their family has been pounded with financial debt in order to keep Rosie alive. For all their struggles and their constant giving to others, I believe they are the most deservant.”

The Colucci family picked up the 2017 Sonic on Christmas Eve. Rosie lives in Palatine, a northwest Chicago suburb, with her sister Bella and mom Joanne.

Story Posted:12/26/2016

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