Indiana State Rep. Ragen Hatcher

Rep. Hatcher challenges threat to 'Welcoming City' ordinances

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Indiana Attorney General Rokita says cities welcoming immigrants risk legal actions

Indpls. – Earlier this month, the Indiana Attorney General threatened to sue municipalities over their immigration policies – including Gary and East Chicago. Both cities have “Welcoming City” ordinances that limit involvement of federal officials regarding an individual's citizenship or immigration status.

In 2022, after a five-year court battle, Indiana’s Appellate Court upheld the ordinance finding it largely compliant with state immigration laws.

State Rep. Ragen Hatcher (D-Gary) released the following statement:

“This threat of legal action for Gary’s ‘Welcoming City’ ordinance is a gross misstep of the Attorney General. The state continues to interfere in the day-to-day operations of majority minority communities. It’s no secret that Gary is the city with the largest percentage minority population in Indiana. For decades, we’ve been a place of refuge for people of color who felt like they could safely live and raise their family here. To uphold this long-standing tradition, I voted for this ordinance in 2017 when I was on the City Council.

”As an attorney, I find the threat of legal action unnecessary. This ordinance was already litigated and spent five years in the court of law. One of Indiana’s highest courts restored portions of the ordinance and believed it was compliant with state law. This isn’t a legal move; it is part of a national culture war surrounding immigration that has no place in the Hoosier state.”

Story Posted:06/14/2024

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