Gary Police report 2 homicides on November 27

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Man returns home and finds roommate murdered

Commander Sam Roberts, Public Information Officer for the Gary Police Department, reported two recent homicides, both occurring on November 27, are being investigated by the Lake County Prosecutor's Task Force.

Gary Police responded to a request for service at 9:30am Monday from ZAKI Foods, in the 1300 block of West 5th Avenue.

Witnesses stated that a male entered the store and purchased two sodas. A short time later another male entered the store and asked if the restaurant was open. He was told that it does not open until 10am. Witnesses said the second man began to walk out of the store, then pulled a handgun and fired several shots at the victim, killing him.

The victim is a 39-year-old man from Berwyn, Illinois.

Commander Roberts said Gary Police responded to a request for service in the 1100 block of Hendricks Street, at approximately 9:08pm.

Gary Police were called to the area after a man returned home and found his roommate deceased. The resident told GPD Officers he came home and called out to his female roommate, but he got no answer. He knocked on her door numerous times, then he entered and found her on the bed unresponsive and contacted GFD.

The resident said he noticed items missing from the home and he also discovered that the rear door, which is usually locked was unlocked.

Identities of the deceased will be released by the Office of the Lake County Coroner after family members have been notified.

If anyone has information about either of these incidents, please call (219) 755-3855.

Story Posted:11/28/2023

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